Chaining the Hudson

by Lincoln Diamant

Review by D.H.T. Shippey

For five years of the Revolutionary War, the Patriots struggled to blockade the Hudson river and deny the British access to this important waterway. The idea of laying a giant chain across the water seems like a story from ancient Rome, but it becomes reality through the work of many minds and many hands. Author Lincoln Diamant tackles this complicated and interesting part of the War for Independence with voluminous research, lively character sketches and great insight. At some points the book feels like an adventure story and at other points like a struggle against wartime bureaucracy. Occasionally the book gets bogged down under the weight of necessary but mundane details. The names that pass in and out of the struggle for control of the Hudson play like a who’s who of the Revolution and some of the battles seem designed for a Hollywood Blockbuster. If you do not read history books much then this is not a recommended read but if you are a regular history reader this is a pleasing and incredibly informative book on a little known subject.

Chaining the Hudson by Lincoln Diamant is available from Citadel Publishing.



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Chaining The Hudson

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