It was a grade school student’s dream come true. The Principal was a prisoner in the pillory.  An apothecary was selling medicine that looked and tasted suspiciously like candy.  To top it off, the lessons for the day were accomplished without a book or desk in site. The Salem School’s Colonial Faire was a bustling marketplace of period goods made by the 5th grade students/merchants for the day. There were lawyers, shopkeepers, artisans and town criers all busily plying their trades, while students spent their pence in a living history lesson.

  This was the second year that Breed’s Hill Institute partnered with Salem in what has become a very successful school fundraiser and educational opportunity. Our interpreters mingled with the students, began some political debates on law and liberty, discussed the authentic 18th century artifacts on display, and even taught some hands-on crafts. Our Junior Interpreters Johnny, Blythe and Sloane proved once again that kids and history not only mix, they’re a perfect fit. The students, under the guidance of teachers Lisa and Kyle Gilbert, made this year’s Faire even better than the last. While most schools are canceling field trips because of budget cuts, Salem’s 5th grade took the entire school on a field trip to the 18th century and made money for future field trips to boot. Somewhere, Ben Franklin is smiling.

If your school in the Southern California area is interested in having a Colonial History Faire the Breeds Hill Institute can help.


                         The End


It’s A Colonial Faire


Sloane helping make a sweet bag (sachet)

   Johnny adds a bit of fife to the event

         The BHI Colonial Faire Crew

     The Principal on display in the pillory.

All Photos by Ilene Martin