There can be no couple as intimately associated with the founding of The United States as George and Martha Washington. These two extraordinary people were either involved in or witness to almost every major event of their times.


can go beyond the icons and discover the people!

 Dan and Kelly Shippey bring the Washingtons to life in an exciting and accessible way, giving you an opportunity to learn from, talk to and be inspired by these great forces of America’s founding. They have appeared before thousands of people portraying these history makers at a crucial point in our Nation’s story.


most Americans today know very little about these dynamic, nation shaping characters and much of what they do know is myth.


That is where shines, giving you the chance to go beyond the myths and offering you access to the lives of these great Americans.

A wreath laying ceremony at a veteran’s cemetery

City Of Cerritos annual celebration.

With Dr. Franklin and Reverend Patterson


  As seen on CBS KUTV

In the Colonial Heritage Magazine

Dan & Kelly Shippey portray General Washington and Martha Washington in the year 1779 when both were 47 years old.

General & Mrs. Washington with Orange Mayor (Theresa) Tita Smith

        Being interviewed.



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