Dan (General Washington) is the founder and director of The Breeds Hill Institute, an educational non-profit focused on teaching the history of American Liberty. But his career has a history all its own. Dan has worked in commercial film and theater in roles including writer, director and actor. "But," he likes to stress "only once did I do all three at the same time." In recent years Dan acted as historical consultant to Ian Kahn who plays George Washington on AMC’s TURN. Dan has previously been involved in bringing a large first run musical to the stage and directing a period independent film project.    While searching for new ways to inform and educate people about our Nation's Founding he was introduced to the world of 1st person historic interpretation. It was a natural fit to combine his performance and writing skills with his passion for historic research. "I wanted to make our national history come alive for people and when I realized I was approaching the same age that Washington was when he assumed command of the army I saw an opportunity to take a historic figure people think they know and show them a different picture."

Kelly Shippey (Martha Washington) lives in the 18th century..."At least it feels that way" she says. Sharing Dan's passion for the history of the Revolution and early Republic has led her on some fairly wild journeys. Most recently she could be found exploring 18th century foodways and poking through a 240 year old plantation basement while trying to keep her two children "tick free" in the Virginia woods, all in the name of research.

   Kelly has performed on stage since she was in her teens. In fact Dan proposed to her during the curtain call of a show. Her "performance" of Martha Washington has been created after hours of study into the life and character of this fascinating woman.

   Besides her work as Martha Washington, Kelly has been raising two daughters with Dan and maintains a busy Chiropractic practice.


Bringing together the scholarship of a historian and the artistry of a performer is not an easy trick but Dan and Kelly Shippey have the backgrounds to do just that.


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