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The Illuminated Year

 1776: The Illustrated Edition (Hardcover)
by David McCullough

  I first read David McCullough’s 1776 at its release in 2005. It was a good history from a man who has given us great histories in the past. I’ll admit I’ve been spoiled as a reader by the likes of McCullough’s John Adams that raised the bar for all future efforts, so 1776 suffers a bit by comparison. Now comes the brilliant illustrated version that makes you forget you ever read the book before. Filled with replicas of maps, letters, and portraits, this new version is quite simply wonderful. As the narrative follows the dramatic, inspiring and often tragic year of American independence, the images seem to make the words live in a way they did not when they stood alone. The regular illustrations are stunning and illuminating, but the many replicas in their sealed glassine envelopes make you feel like you are touching history. A letter from Washington, a hand drawn map, or a British broadside make you remember the real human beings who actually lived the times. It’s a book you will read once and then return to just to look at over and over for years to come. If you know a patriot or an American history lover, this is the gift you are giving them this year.  

1776: The Illustrated Edition, published by Simon & Schuster 2007




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