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Only 1 in 4 Americans can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.*

These alarming statistics helped motivate BHI to develop a program to bring the Constitution to life for modern Americans. Our new Constitutional Convention program has begun operation, transporting the “Miracle in Philadelphia” to students and groups in Southern California.


 Three Days To Birth A Nation

 1)      Two days till Convention

A package arrives; inside is the “latest” edition of the Breed’s Hill Gazette 1787. The paper is filled with dramatic articles about the crises facing the young American Republic: Shay’s rebellion, uncontrolled inflation and a government too weak to address the problems it faces.  

2) One day till Convention

Letters arrive, sealed in wax by the President of Congress. Inside is a request that you proceed immediately to Philadelphia to represent your state at the congressional assembly meeting to amend the flawed Articles of Confederation. Also inside your letter is an information sheet about your state and a brief biography of the historic delegate you will portray. 

3) Convention Day!

Now the delegates are gathered together in a library, auditorium or classroom.  Our BHI  costumed historic Interpreter enters and begins the debate about how best to fix the 1787 troubles of the country and still preserve American liberty. In a 45-minute interactive presentation for groups of 20 to 55, the arguments, ideas and characters that formed our Constitution are brought to life in an entertaining and illuminating way not possible with books or lectures alone. From the first moment to the last, questions of Liberty and Independence and how best to preserve them are explored, leaving the student/delegates aware of our Constitution’s workings and their role in that Constitution’s future.  

The BHI Constitutional Convention is currently available for your school or organization in the Southern California area.  To check our availability (Our schedule is filling) e-mail us at contact@breedshill.org

We hope to make the program materials available for replication to all groups and educators nationwide in the near future.


This program is designed to fulfill the following standards as outlined by the National Council for History Education: (1) Values, Beliefs, political ideas, and institutions, (2) Conflict and cooperation, and (3) Patterns of social and political interaction.

* Statistics 2007 Study by the McCormick Freedom Museum


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