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BHI has developed a series of programs determined to place the Great American Story back in the public eye. We believe in using all forms of media, both new and traditional, in reaching as many people as possible.


A historic opportunity for your business, club or school. Our first person interpreters will bring General George Washington and Lady Martha Washington to life. Direct from the dawn of the revolution in 1775 the General and Lady Washington will be the most memorable speakers you will ever engage. For more information including booking head to www.meetwashington.com


This program puts your group of up to 40 adults or students in the center of the debates that made up the Constitutional Convention of 1787. For more on this exciting program follow this link Three Days



Wouldn’t it be great to talk with a Revolutionary War soldier, or maybe to discuss politics with the nation’s founders? What questions would you ask about how they lived or the choices they made? Well, BHI is working to make that possible. We are developing a traveling Revolutionary War encampment with historical interpreters to meet this vision. The Living Revolution, designed to impact citizens, students and schools. A chance to study history in person. (more)



In Development

When was the last time a museum came to YOU?  Ours will! 

Easily assembled exhibits, specifically designed to co-ordinate with THE NATIONAL PATROIT WALK, will be placed in business centers, shopping areas and entertainment venues.  These INSTANT MUSEUMS are unexpected and visually striking displays engineered to create dialogue and to educate.  Our INSTANT MUSEUMS elicit second looks and encourage people to think about the conflicts, challenges and ideals that shaped our great nation.




Developing Now

Imagine a nation-wide parade! Thousands of Americans carrying unsigned replicas of America’s founding documents—the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—traveling from sea to shining sea!

Volunteers in colonial period dress will walk in relay across the continental United States. Preceding them will be a mobile Founding American History museum open to the public. The journey begins in California and wind it’s way across the heart of the nation to Philadelphia, and then on to Washington DC.  Along the way, local politicians, celebrities and citizens from each community will be invited to join the parade.

Once in the Nation’s Capitol, we will host a ceremony where modern lawmakers and notable citizens will be invited to sign their names to these revolutionary documents.

Thousands of extraordinary Americans will be participating in this historic Walk across the country…will you be one of them?



  • PSAs,
  • Billboards,
  • Events (Live and Online)

Meant to entertain and excite, our media department plans to create “WOW” with superior quality advertisements and cutting edge production values.

Thomas Jefferson said

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

We at BHI know we live not in the age of information, but the age of entertainment. To get our message heard, we must be as dynamic as the other voices that compete for our eyes and ears. Our audience is American and our end product is national unity and secured liberty.

Previous Projects


It's a simple idea. Our country is built on three founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If you want to be President of The United States, shouldn't you be willing to sign them? We challenged the 08 candidates do just that. The results were interesting (here)


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